The crows are still downtown. I thought maybe they’d moved on because morning they weren’t overhead when I stepped off the bus. But as soon as I turned the corner I could hear them. They’d just moved up a block.

If I leave the office later when it’s darker, they’re returning. They fly between the buildings and the trees. These photos don’t come close to showing the numbers.

The sidewalks are covered with bird crap. Every morning there’s someone on one of those blocks power-washing the sidewalk.

I had created this myth that January was going to be an easy month with lots of free time and turns out it was a delusion.

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One Response to Crows

  1. Kira says:

    This really makes me want to look at my crows story again. They are creepy and fascinating.

    I told myself the same lie about January, and really the only thing that can be said for this month is that it’s almost February.

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