Nightmares Tinged with Love

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I love our new refrigerator more than I’ve ever loved another appliance. (Sorry washer and dryer!)

It seems huge although it isn’t so much bigger than our old one. I’m still getting used to the idea that we can store our condiments, that used to take up a half shelf, in the door.

However, our old fridge was warm on top. I’m sure this means it was inefficient but it was handy for me. We have a cool kitchen and I usually put bread that was rising up there. I made rolls and felt the top of the fridge and: not even a tiny bit warm. Not the end of the world but I need to revise my habits.

Bob and I went to see Life of Pi this afternoon. I would never have guessed you could make a successful movie of that. We loved it. I did read the book and if you’ve read it and are wondering: yes, it is faithful to the book.

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  1. Lincoln Log says:

    Should I see the movie or read the book? I’m too lazy to do both.

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