In the Neighborhood

It’s interesting to see how businesses do in our neighborhood.

There was a family run mini-market down the street from us. I only went in there a couple of times. I think 99% of its business was beer and cigarettes. I was getting beer. I think the lady was trying to make conversation, asking why she never saw me in there, but it sounded like she was berating me.

It eventually sold and then there was a series of people who tried to make a run of it but failed.

Then this friendly earth-mama type started selling coffee and muffins in the space. She began tearing down walls and expanding her business, selling hot food and having live music. She expanded the kitchen and opened up a great patio space. That place was hopping all the time.

Then there was a fire and she decided not to bring it back. Someone else tried to do a coffee house but it never worked out. The space is still empty.

Meanwhile there’s a different location near us that started a coffee house and wine bar. They have some hot food and are welcoming to knitting groups and 12-step meetings. They won a small grant and built a community bulletin board. That place is hopping now.

It seems like there’s always room for a good place.

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