Listen To Yourself Churn

This morning I was was reading yet another story about end of the world people who are stockpiling canned food and batteries and air filters for their underground bunker so they can be ready when the world ends.

So here’s my question.

They’re going to be sitting in a bunker rationing their survival cave food buckets and playing card games in candlelight, and then what?

Is that really a life, smugly enjoying being so smart to still be alive, all by themselves and waiting for the day when … what?

When they can all roam on the gray surface trying to avoid being eaten by the other survivors?

If everything does go to hell, I want to be a ghost (I plan on expiring in the first 15 minutes of the catastrophe, whatever it is) watching those people sitting across from each other reconstituting their beef stroganoff survival meals. I think that would be funny.

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2 Responses to Listen To Yourself Churn

  1. Lincoln Log says:

    I’m with you. I’d rather be right at the point of impact instead of suffering through canned beef and no sunlight. Unless I was in a bunker with only Vin Diesel… Then I’d want to live.

  2. Kira says:

    My plan is still to grab hold of An and An’s backpack and to not let go until world order is restored again.

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