The Big Trick

My photos are all disorganized and I couldn’t find what I wanted so this is in memory of spring.

(Well, poop. I scheduled this to post while I was gone except apparently I didn’t. I’m home! Details to come.)

I always think companies are conspiring for ways to trick you into spending more on the same stuff.

Like how liquid laundry detergent comes in a tinier jug that costs the same as the big one but the label says, “It’s concentrated! You only need two tablespoons. This jug contains 1000 loads worth of detergent.” But then when you do the laundry you still dump in a capful (which has a helpful line showing you where two tablespoons would be only it’s practically invisible) because that’s how you always do it.

I’m not brand loyal with paper towels. I can never remember what I bought before so I grab a different one every time. I also rarely buy in bulk because I don’t like to try to figure out where to store tons of paper towels.

When we first bought the paper towels where the perforations are for half paper towels I thought it was a total rip. “Whoever said, ‘Dang, these paper towels are too big. I wish I had only half a towel.’?” I said. I figured two half paper towels were probably bigger than one regular paper towel so you would use them faster.

But then I got used to the half paper towels and now I like them.

The next time I brought home regular paper towels and I was like, “Dang, who needs these giant paper towels?” and I tried to tear them in half.

There is a valuable lesson in there somewhere.

I’m headed out of town this afternoon and I’m going to be offline until Sunday night. Don’t wait up.

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  1. Kira says:

    I like that you left in the little disclaimer about being offline. The internets were lonely without you!

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