My Delicate Things

I don’t think you can tell how heavy this apple tree is from the photo. I tried the photo from a few different angles plus some Photoshop tweaks but this is the best I can do. There are TONS of apples out there. I had the brilliant idea of trying to rent a cider press but apparently I should have reserved one months ago. We’ll have applesauce and compost.

Sloppy transition.

I bought a bunch of linen bags awhile back and it looks like these are magical linen bags. Every time I use them I carefully put my delicate piece of wash within, zip the bag closed and throw it in the wash. And every time I open the washer my delicate piece is tangled up with the regular riff-raff clothes and the linen bag is intact. I’ve checked the seams. The first few times it happened I assumed I was a moron and didn’t zip them shut. No, I’m sure I’ve been zipping them shut.

Maybe rather than magic these are self-(un)zipping linen bags. I still keep using them. My delicate things had better toughen up.

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  1. Kira says:

    Hahaha the linen bags. Mine are magic too in that they disappear. My house is not that big, but I can NEVER find them. I was going to buy a few more sets, but I couldn’t decide which ones were good. I guess I would like to know what kind you have and I won’t buy those….

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