Super Weak Post Material

I’ve had this backpack about four years? I could probably search the archives but I’m not in the mood right now.

I like the backpack but the hardware has been falling off.

I’m an old lady who uses it to drag my purse, yogurt/granola and reading materials back and forth to work. Sometimes I throw a laptop in there and take it on an airplane with me. It really doesn’t know hard labor.

It has two compartments and the zipper handles on the upper compartment both broke off. (Photo shows the lower compartment.)

I knew there had to be some great idea of something to use as zipper handles.

I thought maybe some heavy duty ribbon and I tried a wimpy ribbon as a test and it was worthless.

Then, I got an idea.

Keychains! Which we have a million of around here. The REM one is a little flimsy so I might look for a stronger metal loop. But the Boba Fett is badass.

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