Garden Report

Here’s the garden patch way back in the spring.

Here’s the garden patch once I finally got off my butt and threw a few things in there.

Here it is now although now means a couple of days ago. I picked all the peas in the lower right and yanked the plants.

Earlier I did a lot of tough love on the sunflowers but not tough enough. It’s so hard for me to pull stuff out. I like to give everything a chance. But between the apples and the sunflowers the tomatoes are awfully crowded.

A couple of the tomato plants are tall and have lots of yellow flowers but I don’t even see a tiny green tomato yet.

I’ve still got some greens although stuff is bolting. I have a volunteer squash of some kind. The raspberries have finally slowed down. I need to find my notebook and see if it’s time to start clearing out dead wood yet.

The potatoes are going like crazy. This represents only a partial harvest. I still have at least three other potato areas that need digging plus I think I spotted a plant hiding in the raspberries.

I love digging potatoes. It’s like magic. You pull up a tired looking green plant. You stick your shovel carefully into the dirt and turn it over. Magic: potatoes. I made a potato salad today and ate about a pound for lunch.

I started the lemon cucumbers on the windowsill. Yes, kind of late. My cucumbers have been sorry for the last three years so it’s just a formality at this point.

I planted these guys yesterday and now they’re wilting in the fairly mild heat. Toughen up my pretties!

I started pumpkins on the windowsill, too. They’ve been in the ground at least three weeks. I also have some volunteer pumpkins that are doing fantastic. This vine has three little yellow balls and it’s shooting across the yard.

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