The Berry Invasion Has Begun

Last Sunday I was all excited because I found a few berries and it looked like a few more would be getting ripe soon.

This weekend was another one where all the time got away from me and there I was doing my 30 minute gardener routine. I saw some berries out of the corner of my eye and I ran out there before dinner to see how many I could pick.

I quickly filled up my bowl and had to run back for the second container. That’s all from one week. There’s a ton more out there.

I need to start planning berry goodies.

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2 Responses to The Berry Invasion Has Begun

  1. Kira says:

    Those look amazing! I have never seen the golden kind for sale. 🙁 I hope raspberries will get cheaper here before the season is over. Also, make these with raspberries:

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