Greatest Football Supporters

Fan Appreciation Day at Jeld-Wen Field.

These are our seats as seen from the pitch.

Ticket partner and I approached this thing all wrong. There are something like 14,000 season ticket holders which we didn’t compute in any intelligent way.

We arrived at the field early. There were maybe 30 people in line.

Rather get free hotdogs inside we went for our usual pre-game pizza and beer at a place next to the field.

We finished right at the time the gates were opening and at that point the line wrapped halfway around the stadium. D’oh!

Here I am on the player bench. I just realized I should have photoshopped this photo with the one above but too late now.

By the time we got inside there were already long lines formed at all the stations.

There was an autograph station, photo station with a group of players at the log, another photo station with a group of players at one of the capo stands and then players on the field with mobs around them.

Corner kick!

We picked the line for the locker room tour, a place I have been dreaming of visiting since my very first game. Of course the dream would involve the players actually being in there but this was still pretty good.

Unfortunately, no photos in the locker room. Also no touching things. There’s a meeting room that looks like an employee lunch room, workout area, rehab facilities, the actual locker room with all their stuff. Perkins had a bunch of slabs by his locker. Then a climate controlled boot room. Then we came out of the tunnel and my little fangirl head exploded.

During the event the players were herded off the field and to duty at one of the stations. Ticket partner took my photo with Kalif! as he was being dragged off to the log station. I don’t have favorite players, I love them all, but if I did, Kalif would be one of them.

By the time we got out of the locker room the event was half over. We wandered around on the field for awhile and finally decided we didn’t want to wait in another line so we took off. Now we know how it works for next year.

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  1. Marvin says:

    I have a football supporter in a drawer somewhere.

    I’m glad you had fun! “Jeld-Wen Field” just sounds SO wrong though. Next they’ll have Andersen Field.

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