Jump The Garden Wall

We had amazing soul-transforming weather three days in a row over the weekend. We also had a soccer game and some visiting fans of the away team wrote about their visit to Portland. One of the things they commented on was how to them it was just a nice day in April but the locals were running around stoned out of their minds on heat and vitamin D.

It’s gray and raining again. Whew! That was enough open-toed shoes and not carrying around a raincoat for me.

I finally figured out what was going on with my iPod. Remember back in February I was on a road trip and it kept repeating the same song over and over? I don’t use my iPod every day and I forgot about it and every time I’d take it with me somewhere and it would be repeating over and over and I’d think, “Oh crap, I need to figure this out.”

I sat down with my iPod and my trusty search engine and immediately found a forum where someone said, “My iPod keeps repeating the same song over and over, what’s going on?”

And then, the amazingly helpful reply: “Sounds like you have it on repeat the same song over and over. Turn that off.”

No duh, Waldo. When I’m queen of the world that person is going to be banned from the Internet. I found several versions of this helpful information and had to dig around until I unearthed the secrets of where the repeat thingy was and even then it took me awhile of tapping on that tiny screen with my chubby man fingers to get the right menu to pop up. I can’t believe I managed to turn it on in the first place.

One problem, solved!

There’s always a new problem to take it’s place. The dishwasher died and the refrigerator is coughing and the bathtub is on slow-drain. At least the apple tree looks amazing. I don’t think it’s ever looked so pretty. I had enough time to prep the garden plot but not enough to actually plant anything. Supposedly the rain will take a rest this weekend and I can go crazy out there.

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One Response to Jump The Garden Wall

  1. Lincoln Log says:

    Yes, the tree is pretty. I grew up with an apple tree in my back yard, so I know exactly what you mean about its prettiness. Our apples were always small and green, though, and they would fall onto the ground and rot or get eaten by mean squirrels.

    Sometimes my grandmother would collect the edible ones and make applesauce from them. I do remember it was the best-tasting applesauce I’d ever eaten.

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