Delicious Food

Holiday card on the side of the road. It says, “I was going to get you a dirt bike, it wouldn’t fit in the card – Larf” I’m thinking the same thing you’re thinking, “Larf?” but that’s what it looks like.

Remember the most depressing sundries shop in the world?

Last time I wrote about it, it was under new management and new management guy was awesome. He worked really hard. He erased the stench of despair. He made sandwiches with bacon so it always smelled terrific in the lobby in the mornings. He would call out hello whenever you walked by. He had a cute sign and I thought I had a photo but I’m also afraid you’d think I was making fun of him and I’m not. It said: sandwich + chips or soda = $5 No Hungry.

So we nicknamed him No Hungry.

He did well, but apparently not well enough because battle-axe lady appeared several months ago. Battle-axe lady is also ESL. She has a helper and every time we’ve been in there she was picking on him, poor guy. She plays really loud classical music.

She also bumped up the food production and she has wraps and salads and chicken teriyaki — the same thing every deli in every office building in town has. But on Tues and Fri she serves Bibimbap.

I am new to bibimbap and I am in love. I don’t know how this particular version measures up to the best bibimbap. I’m guessing the limitations of “cooking” in a sundries shop means that there are potentially even more brilliant versions. I’m going to have to quest out to Beaverton or NE Sandy Blvd. and try to find them.

Today I wanted it again so I checked my food carts and turns out Number 1 Bento, a cart I’ve never been to, makes it. It was outstanding. I’d give sundries shop lady’s the slight edge but it was good.

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  1. Kira says:

    You have introduced me to a food I never new existed. I am going to search and see if I can get this here. I would have searched before I even wrote this comment and had something more interesting to share, but this is about the level of figuring stuff out I can handle these days. Planning to figure stuff out later.

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