Watch the Ripples Change Their Size

I was gone for almost a week. I went to San Diego where the weather was mid-70’s with blue sky and bright yellow light and completely amazing. I sat on the sand by the water and practically cried because it was such a treat.

At home I’ve been watching the leaves since the weather turned cool but they didn’t seem to do much. But while I was gone they were busy.

It was still daylight when my plane descended and we did one of those tipping turns going from north to west and I could see changing leaves all over Oregon.

The neighborhood adjacent to ours has lots of huge leafy trees and when they start shedding it’s quite a mass. Looks like its going to start raining any minute to turn it into a yellowish sludge.

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2 Responses to Watch the Ripples Change Their Size

  1. Marvin says:

    A week in San Diego must really suck. 😉

    I will never forget the time that Hertz made me sign a form at LAX that said I promise not to drive the car to San Diego. (because of all the car theft there). It used to be, I promise not to drive to Mexico (because of all the car theft there). Then it was San Diego. Probably by now, it’s Long Beach.

  2. Kira says:

    It was Fall when I got home, too! The trees behind my condo are gorgeous yellow. Not as awesome as seeing the beach, though.

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