The Future of Hot Showers

I decided I’m going to try to do a few Photoshop tutorials every week and learn some tricks. I think this came out looking like a 9 year old girl was playing with filters and not the tricky effect promised. But that’s the tutorial I did, so enjoy. No one became a genius at Photoshop overnight.

When we got the bathroom remodeled they put in a shower unit that has a scald guard. I’m sure a scald guard is a good thing except since the first shower I’ve felt like I spend most of my bathing time trying to trick the thing into staying hot enough to be worth my while. I don’t spend an unreasonable amount of time showering. I want to enjoy the time that I’m there.

It seems like it’s gotten worse to the point that now that even the shortest shower ends with the gadget at the hottest possible setting and me taking a sad lukewarm shower. I’ve always wondered how it worked and I bingled it and duh, there’s a doohickey that can be adjusted. I think it’s too tricky to do myself since the articles say things like “adjustable rotational limit” and “pressure balance spool and sleeve” and “probably not a good idea to do this yourself.” At least I know someone can help me. Hot showers in my future.

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