Monday Round Up

I’m going to regret putting all these things in one post later this week when I’m scrounging for things to write about. But I’m tired of looking at this post-it full of notes on my desk.

I would really like to take the person who decided that Word needs to default by putting a line between every paragraph and flog him or her to death. Why would anyone do this? Yes, I know I can change the default but that is completely not the point. What if they decided that the default was all-caps or Comic Sans 14 pt bold? I shouldn’t even put that energy out into the Universe. I actually collected notes for awhile about how much I hate Office 2010 but I stopped because I’m trying to focus on not hating things so much.

This weekend was my first time for rolling out the hot cocoa, one of my favorite cold weather treats. I lost my touch over the summer. The first one I boiled over and the second one tasted flat. I’m going to need more practice to perfect my execution.

How is it possible that Big Bang Theory is in its 5th season and I didn’t even know about it? I don’t even remember why I decided to watch one. Maybe an actor on the show won an award? That was about two weeks ago. I want to stay home and watch it all day long. Bob and I are watching it together. We haven’t had a live action sitcom in the rotation for eons. I love watching Bob squirm during programs where nerds are trying to get with girls.

This morning I woke up to a cover of Do They Know Its Christmas? which seems like something that should be at the top of things the world doesn’t need. Then I looked it up and it was Glee. There is nothing horrible out there that Glee can’t make a little bit worse? (Truth: I actually like the Do They Know Its Christmas? song *original*.)

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  1. Keetha says:

    I hate, hate, hate, hate, hate the stupid Word defaults. They drive me insane. Who decided that??

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