Remember Summer

Awhile back I read this news story about a guy who died and was cryogenically frozen. He was being stored with his wife who died before him and was cryogenically frozen and also his second wife who died before him and was cryogenically frozen.

Isn’t that going to be awkward? What was the second wife thinking? Obviously the first wife isn’t going to be too happy when she’s thawed out and finds out there’s a new wife. And no doubt there will be a high profile lawsuit because the first wife is no longer a wife. Or is she? Will new legal definitions need to be created for people who are cryogenically frozen? But then if the first wife is still the wife then the second wife is going to be pissed. Those ladies are both going to want something their troubles. I hope he has a lot of money set aside.

Maybe the guy arranged for a “complication” so that one of the wives can’t be unfrozen. But if that backfires then he’ll be up for murder. Or he could not thaw them out concurrently. I guess that depends on what the future of health care is like. If they all died of old age and are then thawed out, does that mean that old age has been cured? He’d just have to keep one frozen. Or he could thaw both and try to keep them a secret from each other and have to run back and forth between two households.

I don’t think he planned this very well.

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2 Responses to Remember Summer

  1. Marvin says:

    Maybe he’ll decide he likes one more than the other, and use the secondary one as spare parts to keep the primary one going. That’s what I’d do.

  2. LuLubelle says:

    Yeah, I’m sure one is simply a backup.

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