Portable Cakes

A couple of weeks ago I was walking around downtown and I saw Saint Cupcake had moved and is now located right by the office. What wonderful terrible news. I went up there for lunch and tried a pumpkin spice muffin (“Dot or full-sized?” she asked. “Full sized,” I said.) and luckily they have some savory stuff and I tried a ham and cheese brioche and I grabbed an alder-smoked chocolate chip cookie to share with Bob. I can’t wait to work my way through the entire cupcake menu.

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2 Responses to Portable Cakes

  1. Marvin says:

    Yes, “full-sized” as in “the size the customer’s bum will become, with a steady diet of these.”

  2. LuLubelle says:

    Oh my gosh. If I had a shop like that next to my work I’d never be at work.

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