Pumpkin and Puzzle Update

Guess what I got in the mail today?

Another puzzle book.

I finally sorted through my immaculate record keeping system and found a number to call about my subscription. The person who answered the phone was very nice.

She told me that they received my subscription payment and I was fine on that.

She said the puzzles would have been a mail-in offer.

I don’t think I could have done that and forgotten about it.

For a second I thought someone was playing a trick on me but I couldn’t envision how that would come about. Some of my friends doing tequila shots and then saying, “You know what would be hilarious? If we secretly sent Pam a 40-pack of puzzle books.”

After some research she discovered that another order was mistakenly assigned to my account. She sort of laughed and said, “You have a subscription, too.”

I am free to keep the puzzle books I already have, I’m assuming my subscription is canceled and the person who actually ordered them will be getting his soon. Whew!

This is it so far in the pumpkin patch. The yellow one is my usual Cinderella variety and I’m guessing this green one is the Baby Pam. I fretted last year about my pumpkins being so late and they did fine. We’ll see how this year goes.

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2 Responses to Pumpkin and Puzzle Update

  1. LuLubelle says:

    I thought the top photo was a spring onion at first. I’m glad you get to keep your puzzle books.

  2. Kristin says:

    I thought the bottom photo was some sort of round zucchini.

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