WEEK #4 Beg-A-Thon Update

These ladies thought it was weird that I took a photo of the official crunch of the Portland Timbers. Do they not understand obsessive documentation?

Very quick update as I am so busy I am moving at the speed of light. You can’t even see me right now. So maybe faster than the speed of light? Whatever, you science nerd pedants.

I am going to be taking a nice long computer free weekend and going to do some fun things so I have been cramming to get my Write-A-Thon goals completed.

Here is it:

Words written: 3263 (goal 3000 per week)
Stories submitted: 1 (goal 1 during the WAT; this is my second)

You can still give money if you feel left out. I’m very close to my goal so a couple bucks could push me over the top.

Here are all the instructions for donating or you can go directly to my donation page.

And a super huge thanks everyone who made a contribution.

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One Response to WEEK #4 Beg-A-Thon Update

  1. Marvin says:

    I’d rather be a pedant than a pederast. You get points for using “pedant” in a sentence.

    If you were moving at the speed of light, to us you would already be finished, and from your point of view, you would have had much more time to get things done. 😉

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