Club Seats

Stop me if you heard this one: I was going to write a good post but instead I only have time for this really quick single-buttocked version. Plus I think only 2 of my loyal readers care about this stuff.

Timbers ticket partner and I talked about possibly upgrading to the club seats. The section is sold out but we could get on the waiting list.

First we wanted to sit in those seats for a game to see what it was like. Last week the Timbers played an exhibition game with Club America which is a hugely popular team that plays in Mexico City.

This game was outside our regular season tickets so we bought club seats.

Check out these condiments!

Ooh! Timbers have an official cocktail?

Watch Darlington Nagbe’s goal again on the jumboscreen? Yes please. (If you haven’t seen it, watch here. Even if you don’t like soccer. It only takes a minute and it’s worth it.)

Looking across the field at our seats.

They were nice seats. They were closer to the field than the ones we have and the seats are roomier. They have free food. These were the choices: hot dogs, Cracker Jack, Red Ropes, peanuts. Maybe something else I’m forgetting. Of course, FREE! After our pre-game pizza we ate that crap. I said, “I’m not sure this is such a great idea if we’re just gorging on junk.”

They were good seats but not twice the money good seats.

We are looking forward to getting back to Section 117 for today’s big game against Seattle. #RCTID

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2 Responses to Club Seats

  1. Ballard Avenue says:

    Section 117 rocks. It’s great fun to sit behind the bench and watch The John Spencer Show. I wouldn’t trade that for all the free hotdogs in Portland.

  2. Marvin says:

    Yah, club seats are almost never worth it. You’re so isolated from the game, you might as well be watching it on TV. I like the cheap seats. Same great food and often better company.

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