They Might Be Giants

I saw this yesterday in the front yard as I was racing off to the park-n-ride. It was all I could do to not pull over right that second and fawn over it. But I always leave for the bus about two minutes later than I should so I had to wait until I got home. It looks like there will be bunch more this weekend.

Check out this tomato peeking out of the walls of water. I’ve never had great luck with the walls of water so I’m often too lazy to even put them out. This year they are doing their job. I’m going to leave them a bit longer and haul out the big, tall, shiny, new tomato cages I bought. All four of my tomato plants look great and have flowers. Even the one that I grew from a seed and then knocked all the leaves off when I planted it.

This is the main garden plot. Most of that is volunteer sunflowers. I need to get in there and yank a bunch out. In normal life I’m freakishly organized but I like to let my garden do what it wants. Last year I had way too many sunflowers and it got a little crazy with cucumber vines crawling up them plus they made it tough to move around in there.

I’ve got a lot of greens. Is there turnip blight this year? I haven’t seen one baby turnip at any farmer’s market and the ones I grew myself make huge giant greens but there’s no turnip. I’m so sad because one of my favorite spring moments is the first bite of a baby turnip. I think I’ve got a potato plant out there which must be from compost. I just started the pumpkins and lemon cucumbers in the house.

In the back that giant bush is my raspberries. I’m going to have a huge raspberry crop this year. I can’t wait to have fresh raspberries for breakfast.

This isn’t my garden. This is the hedge between our house and the rental next door. I’ve mentioned to the last two tenants that they might want to talk to the homeowner about the hedge. It hasn’t been whacked back on their side in years and it’s out of control. It doesn’t ruin our lives and we’re not the most up-to-date whackers ourselves but it seems like a pretty basic homeowner issue that someone should give a crap about. Meanwhile, we’ve talked to the homeowner on the other side of the rental and she also has overgrown hedge issues. She’s much more motivated on this than we are. Now the rental is empty again and rumor has it that the homeowner lives overseas so we’ve teamed up to try to get some action on this.

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2 Responses to They Might Be Giants

  1. Lorelei says:

    Ask Marvin the Martian to fly in from the jungle. He’s big into landscaping jobs for neighbors. 🙂

  2. Shane says:

    What kind of ‘teaming up’ are we talking about? Like, setting the house on fire ‘teaming up’ or some other, ineffectual kind?

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