From the Notes Stuck All Over My Desk

Office utility room before.

The weather lady said it was going to be 85 today. The first time it’s been that warm here since September 3rd. I cried a little when I read that. I got my new bathing suit out and a tub of SPF 5000, I can just dunk and go sit in the backyard and bake away.

After I watch the soccer game.

Office utility room after.

I have some advice. I think I’ve given it before but I fell victim to this yet again and I should know better. I’m reminding you. Write this down.

Never give a lawyer the only copy of something. Never. Don’t even let him (or her) touch it. Not even if s/he says they’re just taking it back to the office to make a copy and will bring it right back to you. Don’t do it. That document will disappear forever and make trouble for you.

I5 Interstate Bridge

For this week’s pie I tried Coconut-Sweet Potato Pie with Spiced Crust and it did not turn out wonderful. My spiced crust came out doody. I think the graham cracker stuff was a tad stale (my fault) but also the coconut bits give it a weird, unappealing bite. The filling was also, just okay. Of course we’ll still eat it but this will not be going into rotation.

Self Explanatory

I keep a piece of paper and a pen next to the TV so I can jot down things I want to remember later. I live in never-ending fear of forgetting something and I always think of things I don’t want to forget when I’m watching TV. Hence the system.

Of course, the notes are always cryptic and often written in semi-darkness so later when I look at my piece of paper it says stuff like: “make list [indecipherable]” or “make cook and do.” This week I found a note that says “long term plan, do it now.” I guess that’s not going to happen. I’m sure I’ll end up okay.

Last item: my story The Battle of Little Big Science has been reprinted at Expanded Horizons so if you haven’t seen it, now’s your big chance. Editor Dash found a great photo to post with it, too.

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3 Responses to From the Notes Stuck All Over My Desk

  1. Lorelei says:

    One time at work (the new job) I wrote a list of things to tell my boss. They were one-word items, which doesn’t really help much with the task of remembering what the hell you were thinking when you wrote them down. One of the items said, “Scott”. I told my boss, “I don’t know who Scott is but I wrote his name down because evidently I met one today. I have no idea who he is or what we discussed.”

    I’m sure to get a raise shortly.

  2. Shane says:

    I also wrote “long term plan, do it now” and also forgot what it meant. To may way of thinking this explains most things about my life, and I should be forgiven.

    I’m also having a hard time understanding how that pie could have been not good. From hearing the description it sounds like one of those things I’ve gone my whole life without but suddenly realize that I need.

  3. Marvin says:

    Never talk to lawyers. 😉

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