I keep calling these pea sprouts but they are cucumber sprouts. I planted them on Saturday.

This is what they looked like on Tuesday morning.

This is what they looked like on Tuesday evening.

This is what they look like this morning.

* * *
Yesterday after work I was waiting for the bus. A woman I know from the bus arrived at the bus stop and came up to me and asked if the bus had come yet.

I didn’t even know what to say.

“Yes, but I decided to wait here so I could tell you that it had already come by.”

There are two buses that go to the park-n-ride. One takes a different, slightly longer route. I usually take the first bus that arrives.

The longer route bus arrived first and this same lady asked the driver about the other bus. “Is it coming? In a few minutes? Did you see it?”

Lady, he’s driving a farking bus, how does he know where the other bus is?

But the funny thing is, he answered all her questions very confidently: yes.

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5 Responses to Sprouts!

  1. Marvin says:

    Please be careful when you take pictures of the bean sprouts. By Monday they will be long enough to reach out and strangle you. You never know when sprouts will turn on you.

    I find it’s easier to smile and confidently give a completely bogus answer that satisfies people, than it is to say “I don’t know.”

  2. Shane says:

    Did the second bus come in a few minutes, though?

  3. Maybe there was some terribly urgent, critical reason she needed to get on the bus, and the questions were just anxiety manifesting…

  4. Kira says:

    You probably shouldn’t eat the sprouts if they’re alien sprouts.

  5. Lorelei says:

    Those are Weed Sprouts, right? They’re growing like weeds.

    I love bus people. I could ride the bus all day and always be entertained.

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