Margarita Pie

This week’s pie was inspired by Sue (Awesome photos if you’ve never seen a saving white sturgeon photo essay.)

I told her I was working on pies and she said she’d had a terrific margarita pie with a pretzel crust. That sounded worth checking out.

Some of the first recipes I found involved stirring margarita mix into Cool Whip and then scraping into a graham cracker crust. I didn’t think I’d learn much from making that so I held out until I found a super complicated recipe with lime curd and frothing egg whites and folding whipped cream. A recipe that would get every dish in my kitchen, except the frying pan, dirty.

I had trouble with it. I get nervous with recipes that say, “mix until just combined” which is why my cornbread always has big flour lumps in it.

In this case, “lightly fold just until streaks are gone.” I was folding and folding and folding and more streaks appeared. By this time I was tired and had a million dishes to do so I finally scraped it into the crust and hoped for the best.

It’s not pretty but it tastes okay. The recipe called for the pretzels (the Madison pretzels, btw) to be ground fine but I think they could be a little coarse. I’m not the biggest lemon meringue fan and this is basically lemon meringue only with lime and tequila added. It’s worth eating and I learned something, I guess, but measuring “how much I like it v. how much trouble it was to make” I would say we probably won’t be having this again.

Two lukewarm results in a row. I need something epic. There should be fresh fruit by the time I get around to making my next pie.

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4 Responses to Margarita Pie

  1. Kira says:

    That looks awesome, actually. Too bad it’s not awesome. I’m not a big an of meringue, partly cause I can never get the egg whites to do what they’re supposed to. I like that you went for the challenge. What about a fruit and cheese pie? Like fresh peaches and Gruyere?

  2. Lorelei says:

    I used frozen daiquiri mix to make cookies. They were fantasically delicious.

    Good luck with your next pie. It’s summer, so I suggest something light. Is there such thing as a watermelon pie?

  3. Shane says:

    I’d think letting the pretzels be less finely ground would be a big win — stuff like this needs to have some bite. I always liked when my dad made me cornmeal because he’d fuck it up and it would be all lumpy with gobs of gummy cornmeal mixed in with the smooth stuff; but the contrasty gobs were the best part.

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