Use Your Eyes Ref

They hurt Kenny Cooper! (Update: I just saw the highlights show and I guess it was our own guy that bashed Kenny in the head. But I bet the other team wanted to bash him in the head.)

It seems like the seats behind ours are assigned to a new pair of people each home game. One person is familiar with the game and the team, the other person is a newbie. Thus, every week we spend the entire game listening to someone explain Timbers 101. I guess if we’re fans of the Free Beer Movement (and we are) we shouldn’t complain about this. But sometimes people could learn by watching.

Yesterday we went downtown early and went to the bar and watched the US Mens National Team lose their first game (in group play) ever in the Gold Cup. They lost to Panama with the help of bum officiating.

From there we went to the stadium and had just enough time to buy a beer and get to our seats. I missed getting 200 photos of my Timbers doing their warm-ups.

See that guy in the yellow? He ruined my day. Yesterday and today.

I booed at him so hard my eyeballs almost popped out of my face. My eye sockets still hurt today from the pressure.

That’s FUTTY! who’s down on the field. (Sadly, I didn’t not get a good shot of the sign that said: Hold me closer Futty Danso.) He had to go out on a stretcher.

And here the ref is probably trying to figure out how to call some more random fouls on our team.

Here’s our coach before he got ejected from the game. Right as we went into stoppage time.

I guess he might have said something not very nice about the officiating. Two seconds later, the other team scored the only goal of the game.

I’m going to break my rule about embedding youtube clips so you can see this Alaska Airlines commercial featuring Coach Spencer. It was the only thing that cheered me up today.

I’m going to need to give up for a better camera if I want to get decent shots.

The guys wore their Rose City kits in honor of Rose Festival.

We’re going to bounce back in the next game. Next weekend. It’s going to be awesome. RCTID.

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  1. Marvin says:

    He’s wearing yellow for a reason, the varmint.

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