Everything All Farked Up

So, my desktop computer died earlier this week. Well I don’t know for sure that it’s dead. It’s now in the hands of male people with minimal social skills so I’m not sure where we’re at right now. I’m about 99% backed up and I have a laptop so it’s not like I’m not covered. But I only use my laptop for travel. Word processing and basic Internet stuff. My desktop is all set up for my regular stuff. Like making my photos look pretty and FTPing them to Screamhost.

I knew the desktop was not feeling well and buying new computers is on our list, just not for a month or two. I decided that this weekend I’d make sure that I had all my desktop stuff on my laptop to limp along until we got the new desktop systems. But the thing died before I could do that.

I have photos to go with this but I can’t remember how my FTP works and don’t want to spend even 3 minutes figuring it out right now. And I don’t want these photos on Flickr. Argh. Everything is stupid.

I’m still coughing. I looked up my souvenir cough from last spring and apparently the cold lasts a week and then the cough two weeks. I thought I was almost finished but i guess I have another week of this crap.

It was sunny today but otherwise I’m grumpy. The good news is I did a bunch of garden stuff.

I didn’t document it because it was too depressing but my tomato sproutlets had serious declines in health. I thought it was because they were cold and the sun never shines but I think they may have been over-watered, too. I was going to put them all in the ground anyway. I figured I could yank them and get bigger, taller, healthier stuff at the Farmer’s Market later.

One of them broke when I was planting it and the other I knocked all the leaves off putting the walls-of-water on it. My sweetheart took his Mom to the garden show this weekend and brought me three healthy tomatoes so I put those in. I also made a sort of greenhouse thing using a tip from the Internet and wrapped saranwrap around my tomato cage. So I have four plants in the ground. I planted a bunch of seeds. My usual: peas, beets, turnips, greens and carrots. Some of the stuff was planted two weeks ago so I have some sprouts.

My tulips mostly look doody. I had a nice yard full of daffodils. More bulbs this fall. I’ve been weeding and cleaning up like crazy. My next big project is to rig up a better trellis for my berries.

Busy week. Three home Timbers games in seven days. It’s like the best week ever. Except for the coughing.

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2 Responses to Everything All Farked Up

  1. Lorelei says:

    Good grief. I’m tired just from reading everything you’re doing.

  2. Marvin says:

    I’m glad you’re gardening! We have a new crop of tomatoes, and our burgundy beans are going gangbusters, almost ready to eat. Growing season in the jungle will be over by the end of June. After that, it’s too hot for anything except cactus to survive.

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