Tiny Tiny Keyboard

Downtown Portland by the Park Blocks.

Bob and I finally updated our phones. Bob got an iPhone for his birthday.

I’ve been violently against texting, mostly because I see it as one more annoying thing to interrupt me, but I caved. Who would have guessed that the person annoying me with texts would be my husband?

He sent me a text that said: Long friction day.

Quickly followed by: Frolic.

Me: Don’t understand.

Him: Frickin.

Him: Spell check is too efficient.

My texting victory was when I responded to a text message while co-worker was talking to me. “Hang on a second.” Revenge at last!! He’s always texting or emailing when I’m trying to talk to him.

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3 Responses to Tiny Tiny Keyboard

  1. angelawd says:

    We just upgraded our phones too, and the spell check is relentless. I just want it to leave me alone and not suggest any more words, thank you.

  2. Marvin says:

    I, too, am violently against texting. Let me borrow your axe for a minute.

    Thank goodness my darling wife refuses to carry her phone. She could be a texting maniac, but instead she chooses to be a telephonic Luddite. I’m glad.

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