Big Night: Rose City Debut

This is a little notebook Bob found that he got from his Dad’s job a long, long time ago.

All week I’ve been thinking how nice it would be to have a weekend day with no rain and how I would really take advantage of such an opportunity to get out and do work in my yard.

Right this second it is not warm but it is sunny out there but I don’t have time so I figure Mother Nature will punish me by not having a dry weekend day until July. It’s supposed to starting raining, hailing, thundering and gusting later this afternoon perhaps by the time I finish typing this. So maybe it isn’t such a great opportunity.

Tonight is my soccer team’s first ever game in Major League Soccer. We’re playing last year’s champions on their home field but that’s no reason to panic. It’s live on Fox Soccer Channel so you can watch it with me. We’re getting together with some people and I’m cooking which is why I can’t garden right this second.

I always think the days when I’m going to unplug will be lazy but it turned out the opposite because yesterday I did all the stuff I never do because I’m on the computer.

Right after exercise I drove to the mall. The entire area around the mall is a haven for orange cones. I went to NE Portland which I don’t know well but any strategy I attempted to avoid orange cones just brought me to more orange cones. I didn’t even know there were that many orange cones in the whole world.

Once at the mall, I burned through almost all my gift cards. I got 5 pairs of pants, Sees Candy, vacuum cleaner bags, panties and bras.

When I got home I processed the last two pumpkins and I cleaned out a bunch of cupboards. I reorganized all the towels because it seems like anytime I want a nice bath towel, all I can find are the crap towels. I cleaned out a bunch of other linens, too, and the Tupperware cupboard.

I did 8 loads of laundry. I made dinner and baked a pumpkin bundt cake for tonight.

Then I was totally beat and staggered off to bed at 9:01pm. Then I woke up at 3am and couldn’t get back asleep and annoyed Bob. This morning he said, “What was going on, you were like a monkey.”

I like to put my feet on him when I’m trying to fall asleep and he kept moving away.

One more note: even thought I annoyed him at night, Bob gave me $9 worth of emusic that expires today. I picked a few songs and was down to $5 when I found Foreigner’s greatest hits. I didn’t have enough money so I saved it. I’m sure he’s going to look at his saved list and think, “What the hell?” because he’s not a Foreigner fan.

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4 Responses to Big Night: Rose City Debut

  1. Ballard Avenue says:

    I hope the Timbers’ poor showing didn’t wreck the party. Things will get better. Sounders FC fans don’t have much to crow about, either, losing 0-1 to New York. I’m getting very tired of hearing the phrase “Sounders had their chances but…”.

    Vancouver won the All-Canada opener against Toronto, so it’s Cascadia 1, Rest of League 3, and I can’t believe I’m caring about such things. But I do.

  2. Hannah says:

    I ironed a bunch of shirts and skirts tonight while watching the Sounders game and part of the Timbers game to help offset the guilt I feel about spending so much time in front of the TV. Sad to see both of our teams lose, but there were bright spots. A couple of the new Sounders were outstanding (and might I add, outstanding to look at — did you see we have a new Argentinian on the team?!) but I’m not a fan of our new forward, O’Brien White. Andy and I are hoarse from yelling at him, mostly helfpul stuff like, “RUN, DAMN IT!!! DON’T JUST STAND THERE!!!” Like Ballard Avenue, I can’t believe I’m caring about such things, but I do.

  3. Marvin says:

    You’re one of those “feet people.” I move away when darling wife does that to me. I can’t sleep with someone touching me.

  4. AEJ says:

    Practice with me: “Now lookie-here, husband-man, the fine print on the marriage certificate plainly states that marriage includes foot-warming and otherwise foot tom-foolery. I *will* put my feet on you and you *will* like it.”

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