Cat World

Remember Toes?

Last weekend it was relatively warm and dry enough to do some yardwork so I ran out there and raked and whacked a bunch of stuff that I never got around to in October.

Toes ran over to say hello and made me pet him and then frolicked around the yard happily while I worked.

Later, I heard more assertive meows and I looked up and this orange cat was frolicking around the yard. He came over and demanded some attention and his nametag said: Oranges. I’ve been calling him Mr. Oranges.

Mr. Oranges is very adorable except that he played this game where he would go through the hedge-fence into the backyard next door. Apparently we are now on the third renter in a row next door who has a large growly dog who runs right up to the hedge fence and snarls menacingly. What the hell? Doesn’t anyone have friendly golden retrievers anymore? Remember I have adult onset fear of dogs. So the dog snarled at Mr. Oranges who scampered back to my yard and I had to scream like a little girl and then slump to the ground and clutch my chest while I tried to catch my breath.

Mr. Oranges did this again about 30 minutes later and I yelled at him. Dumb cat.

Meanwhile, Toes looked on unhappily as Mr. Oranges rubbed our new friendship in his face. (See Toes watching in the distance?) Mr. Oranges jumped around the canoe and played hide-and-seek and was generally unspeakably cute.

I tried to signal Toes that we were still friends and he should come over and claim his spot but he sulked on the other side of the yard.

Later the cats did some minor brawling. By then I was tired of yardwork and my hands were cold plus I’d already filled the debris bin and I was ready to go inside. There’s plenty of room for everybody to poop and that seems to be the main activity of visitor cats so why fight?

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5 Responses to Cat World

  1. Kira says:

    This was a particularly awesome post. It was just funny and story-like and made me miss you a lot. Yay for cats (even though I don’t like them.) I’m glad that you don’t fear Lila. Wait, why don’t you fear Lila? Lila is such a fearsome beast…

  2. AEJ says:

    What sweet cats! Great pictures, too.

  3. Keetha says:

    It has been, and still is, so cold here I can’t imagine doing yardwork! Although we have started discussing the vegetable and herb garden.

  4. Marvin says:

    What cuties they are!

  5. Ballard Avenue says:

    Ah, they’re sooooooooooooo cute. Mr Oranges is now my wallpaper.

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