The Plan

I have my plan for Thanksgiving dinner.

There are only going to be four of us so I’m not getting too carried away.

Apples in the pot ready to be turned into sauce.

Priscilla is picking up the turkey and I’m planning to brine. I think that recipe links to an Alton Brown recipe that many commenters were raving about. I have the recipe but I don’t know, cinnamon stick? And my market didn’t have allspice berries and I’m not about to drive across town to get some. We’ll see how I feel about this recipe on Wednesday.

I’m going to do the standard family recipes: giblet gravy, sage stuffing, Dad’s mashed potatoes that hit a spot between fluffy and creamy and include a secret ingredient. My Dad used to drive my Grandma crazy with the whole “secret ingredient” business.

Hot apples ready for ricing. Is that even a word? Why is the gadget you push them through called a ricer?

I’m going to make Parker House Rolls. I’d link to a photo but no one makes them in the right shape so if I remember I’ll take a photo of ours.

I bought a teeny bit of broccoli so we can have something green. Haven’t decided on the recipe yet.

I’m not going to do sweet potatoes so we had them last night so I could try out this recipe. It’s really good. You can’t go wrong with goat cheese.

Riced and ready to go. We’ve been eating it all weekend.

We had pumpkin pie a couple weeks ago and I thought I’d make it again but I mentioned that I was thinking about making a cake and Bob looked very happy at that suggestion so after looking through about 2 dozen bundt recipes I decided on Chocolate-Mocha Marbled Bundt Cake.

I normally take the Wednesday before Thanksgiving off because that seems like an excellent day not to leave the house. Co-worker has to be at the airport for a 5pm flight. Yikes.

However, I don’t want to take the leave time and we only have to work a half day anyway. I should be home by 2pm and I’ll make the cake and do the brine and be ready for my Thursday Day of Cooking.

Someday I’ll write about something besides cooking. My brain has been sorta broken lately and I haven’t been inspired.

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3 Responses to The Plan

  1. AEJ says:

    My sister is coming down Wednesday to take care of me and she’s going to make an apple cake. I don’t know what that is, but I approve.

    There’s nothing wrong with all cooking talk! Except that we can’t taste it all.

  2. Kira says:

    Oh! I may need to make that sweet potato thing. Did the baked potatoes really taste kind of marshmallow-y/sweet? I’m kind of torn between doing this and doing like a maple mashed sweet potato.

  3. Marvin says:

    You’re making me hungry. Except for sweet potatoes. Gah.

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