Sunday Wrap-Up

I heard a news report that said that pot legalization in CA failed because young people didn’t get out and vote. I don’t think that reporter really understands the economics involved.

A couple weeks ago I ran across this list of cliched dialogue. The funny part is whatever I was looking for had nothing to do with writing.

I would argue that a lot of the list is plain old cliched talking. Not just on screen but any time people think they’re being clever.

I have three to add that aren’t on the list.

In any crime show you ever see there’s always a big scene in a room filled with cops where the lead detective explains all the horrors the criminal has committed and is capable of. The scene always ends with:

Let’s get this guy

Another one I heard in a show I was watching last night:

What happens next?
We wait.

This one I thought about for awhile. I think I see it on TV so often it feels like a perfectly normal thing to say. Except I don’t think you would ever actually say it. It’s when one character presents another character with a wrapped present:

What is it?
Open it.

Have you ever had this happen: you wake up one morning and some random thing that happened a long time ago that made you furious has suddenly, for no reason, been reanimated in your head and you’re just as mad now as you were when it happened?

I don’t get why this is happening right now.

It happened to me once before and I thought maybe the issue needed further resolution so I approached the person who was the subject of this ancient fury. Let me tell you: that was a terrible idea. Do not try that at home.

My logical mind thinks it’s ridiculous to get so worked up about this old stupid thing but my emotional mind is all fired up. Believe me, I know this is unhealthy. I have little doubt that one of these episodes is what’s going to kill me. Hopefully when I’m in my 80’s and asleep.

We still get a paper delivered and this morning the delivery people left their holiday greeting. You know the one that really serves the purpose of letting you know where to send a tip if you want. It’s a really cute photocopied note letting us know how much they love delivering our paper and wishing us happy holidays. Then there’s handwritten scrawl with an arrow pointing to their address that says: Send Check.

I think it’s funny. I always say: ask for what you want.

I have a quiet week ahead. It would be smart to get hopping on holiday stuff. But I’m probably not going to be smart and put it off until later so I can get all stressed out about it.

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4 Responses to Sunday Wrap-Up

  1. Ballard Avenue says:

    Last week when it was totally Siberia outside, I woke up early and heard the reassuring “thump” that the Times–both Seattle and New York–had arrived. I do loves me the crossword; you know, and so I guess I’ll leave a little something for whoever it is that brings it.

  2. Kira says:

    Have you ever had this happen: you wake up one morning and some random thing that happened a long time ago that made you furious has suddenly, for no reason, been reanimated in your head and you’re just as mad now as you were when it happened?

    ALL. THE. TIME. I think you’re right that sometimes this means something needs to be further resolved, but I also find this happens to me when I am just generally fatigued or just generally need things resolved. In fact, last night after my long drive when I was so exhausted, I couldn’t fall asleep because I was thinking about how mad I was about these two things that happened with my kitchen contractor two summers ago. It’s past. It’s buried. The real anger was not this thing.

    While I was home, I brought something up to my Dad that had happened ages ago that had been unfair. He said I’m just like my Grandpa, his Dad, who could remember in an instant every thing you ever did wrong and how it connected to the new thing. It wasn’t a flattering comparison, but it rang true. I think some of my anger is genetic and no wonder I don’t know why I’m mad…it’s not my mad.


    That’s probably enough on this subject.

  3. AEJ says:

    Passive-aggressive is your friend. Just go to their house and egg it. It’ll make you feel much better, and no confrontation necessary. 😀

  4. Marvin says:

    I agree, there’s too much stupid dialogue on TV. We tend to watch the shows with smart dialogue and/or lots of gunfire. (To me, gunfire substitutes for dialogue; to my wife, not so much.) We are getting tired of “Bones.” They have a new crew of writers and they’re just LAME. And they sent Dr. Brennan back to being a 12-year-old Aspergers patient. She was making good progress at pretending to be human, but as of this season they hit the “reset” button and set her back a long way. I’m not really caring anymore.

    We love the Good Guys, though. It probably has its share of trite dialogue. The most common word on that show is “Dan?!” as they’re yelling at the older detective for something dumb he did (yet again). It’s very funny though.

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