Modulated Spiral Groove

Things to note in this photo: my cinnamon rolls and dinner rolls. At the last minute I decided to try making the stuffing in the slow cooker. Came out fantastic. My Mother-in-law brought me pumpkin pop tarts. I just had one and the sugar is making my heart race. But in a good way.

Yesterday’s meal came out excellent even though I did, uh, unplanned improvisation on pretty much every single recipe.

Screw Alton Brown and his commenters on that brine recipe. I thought the cooking temperatures seemed sorta high and took it down a notch. I checked on the turkey a half hour before it was supposed to be done just to see how it was doing. It looked like a retiree after a long summer on the beach in Miami and when I jammed the thermometer in the breast the temperature shot up to 170 and I screamed and took it out of the oven. By some miracle it still tasted fantastic. Also, I ignored the part about aromatics. I don’t see how shoving an apple and cinnamon stick into a turkey’s ass while it cooks is going to do anything.

[Aside: I was dying to put an update on my Facebook page that said, “Anyone know how to tell which side of the turkey is the breast?”

I thought it would be hilarious but then I knew there would be at least one person who would very earnestly try to explain it to me and it would irritate me for the rest of the weekend.]

The chocolate mocha cake was delicious. I don’t know how to drizzle things on cake to make them look pretty but I plopped some fudge sauce on and then brought the bowl to the table so we could shovel more on our individual pieces.

While I cooked I decided to listen to record albums. Yes, we have a turntable in our house. We keep it next to our electric typewriter and our rotary phone.

Records are a pain in the butt. You can see how that mp3 player thing took off. I listened to The Babys Anthology, [aside: this is the first time I noticed the creative pluralization. Did they think “The Babies” was too stupid?] Dramarama Cinéma Vérité, and Skid Row featuring my favorite Gilmore Girls bit part actor Sebastian Bach. How do you think Sebastian feels these days when he has to sing Youth Gone Wild? I felt pretty great singing it in my kitchen.

I was doing my air guitar solo and Bob came in and said, “Hey Eddie Trunk what’s this you’re listening to?”

I don’t know why I’m putting all these URLs in or make these references because there is only one person who looks at this website who is going to have a clue what I’m talking about.

Our speakers are screwed up and I got tired of messing with them so I gave up on records before I could get to Camper Van Beethoven, Our Beloved Revolutionary Sweetheart.

We have one of those turn your records into mp3 turntables so later I’m going to set up a recording station and put this stuff on my iPod so I can be ready for Thanksgiving next year.

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2 Responses to Modulated Spiral Groove

  1. AEJ says:

    First of all. That mocha cake… O.M.G.

    Secondly, Eddie Trunk is annoying. I am forced to watch That Metal Show every week. Hubby watches it because of the girl who gives out the prizes wears those tight leather pants.

  2. Marvin says:

    I scrapped all my records in 1984, and switched to CD exclusively. I never looked back. The one thing that would get my blood boiling was putting on a brand-new record and having it skip or crackle (bad master copy). It happened a lot, in the waning days of LP manufacture. I was glad to switch to CD.

    Skid Row. That’s a blast from the past. 😉 Never heard of Eddie Trunk though.

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