Something Fun to Vote For

It’s taken me the last two days but I’m caught up on a bunch of stuff. My desk is almost cleaned off. I can see the bottom of my email box. I whacked the hedge and weeded a bit in the front yard. I made a pie (apple). I finished a giant book. We found strawberries at the market this morning. They were pretty and delicious. The secret? Hermiston.

We made eggs when I was in CA. (Relax, the doctor is not worried about my Dad’s cholesterol.) I love how dated the packaging looks.

I had a nice memory of my sister giving these to my Dad when we were kids but Dad said he bought them long after we’d grown up.

I still like my memory.

I had a story published online during the summer: Estelle Makes the Casino Run.

This month Innsmouth Free Press has a poll where you can vote for your favorite story in the issue.

It’s time to vote for your favourite story in our special, Multiethnic fourth fiction issue, which was published June 2010. Read the issue here and then vote for your favourite story.

The writer with the most votes gets $50 CAD and bragging rights. Go here to vote and give an author some extra cash. Voting is open October 6 to November 6, 2010. You can leave comments about the stories, but you must vote using the link above.

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3 Responses to Something Fun to Vote For

  1. AEJ says:

    I’ve tried those egg things before and never could make them work. Most pans are sloped to the edges and the egg rings are flat, so the eggs always flowed out on the side nearest the edge of the pan. I can’t even cook with tools-for-dummies. Congrats on all your accomplishments!

  2. Marvin says:

    Very cool! I’ve never seen those before.

  3. angelawd says:

    Those egg corrals are great! I didn’t know there was such a product. My husband just made a couple out of tin cans, but he’s kind of a McGyver when it comes to creative solutions like these.

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