2010 Pumpkin Crop

Remember how I was whining that I got the pumpkins in so late I probably wasn’t going to get any?

Look at my great crop. The biggest one was out in the front yard. I’ve never had problems with kids grabbing my pumpkins on Halloween but I thought this one looked too tempting so I brought it in.

The only thing is they didn’t get as orangey as the heirlooms usually do.

These are two that were ready earlier. They’ve already been cleaned off and brought into the house.

I’m going to have to start giving these away. There’s no way we can eat that much pumpkin.

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2 Responses to 2010 Pumpkin Crop

  1. Kira says:

    If you put your mind to it, you can totally eat all that pumpkin. Bake, puree, and freeze it! Or maybe can some of it?

  2. AEJ says:

    Any neighbors like pumpkin??

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