Keep Your Eyes on the Strawberries

The transit mall has see-thru roofs for the bus stops. When they built them I was skeptical but I like them now. Yesterday there was a huge downpour while I waited for my bus and it was fun to watch.

Last night I had a scary dream and woke up with my heart pounding. When I tried to remember what it was all about what I could remember was that I had a bowl of strawberries I wanted to take back to the mini-mart because I knew some of them were clowns. Meanwhile, this scary lady in a truck was following me and told me she knew I was responsible for the chicken paste.

Your guess is as good as mine. I didn’t even eat anything weird yesterday.

Another gorgeous day in paradise.

Normally nature sounds don’t bother me but some bird has taken up residence right outside the windows by our bedroom and my writing room.

It goes like this: tweet TWEET tweet GURGLE chirp chirp chirp chirp chirp

Pretty much continually during all daylight hours which is 5am to 9pm at the moment. Shouldn’t it have other things to do? Find food? Enjoy the sights? Poop on cars?

I might have to go out there and throw rocks at it but I’m hoping our neighbor will do it first.

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2 Responses to Keep Your Eyes on the Strawberries

  1. Marvin says:

    Wow, I like your dreams better than mine. 😉 Mmm. Chicken paste.

  2. AEJ says:

    I like my chicken paste on toast.

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