I Hear You’re Driving Someone Else’s Car Now.

It’s tough not to love this town. Recently I was asked to complete a survey which included which 3 organizations I donated the most money to. The answer was: Native American Youth, Gay Pride and Spec Fiction Nerds. I was pretty proud of that.

So tomorrow it begins. This will be mostly soccer blog for the next 4 weeks.

Don’t give up on me. I write more about me watching the tournament than the tournament itself.

Even if you know nothing about soccer you should enjoy this Nike ad:

Nike Write the Future (that’s kinda a lie b/c it’s very soccer inside-y, but it’s a great ad.)

Here’s another one Socceroos v. Wild Animals that’s super fun.

I can’t wait to dig into this thing. I’m not a huge sports geek and to be completely obsessed by a world sports event for 4 weeks is awesome. Probably my favorite aspect is that I talk to my Dad (responsible for getting me into this thing) almost every day of the tournament.

On the transit mall. This is also the building where the parking management is.

Meanwhile, in unrelated news, there are about 5 bands that I would be willing to leave the house to see. One of them is Concrete Blonde.

This is one of my favorite bands of all time. I saw them play in L.A. every chance back in the olden days and I would produce the ticket stubs but they are buried in the garage and I don’t have the patience to look for them at the moment.

They are doing a 20 year anniversary tour for the Bloodletting album. (I know, when we were young they were called albums). While it’s tempting to be depressed about being so old, it’s also a gift. How cool to see one of your favorite bands play one of your favorite albums 20 years later? I wish everyone this opportunity.

Here’s a CB website.

Here’s a clip of Concrete Blonde Bloodletting (The Vampire Song) and Caroline.

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  1. Marvin says:

    Wow, Concrete Blonde. I haven’t thought of them in a long time. Didn’t they have an album with a train on the cover…. no, that was 4 Non Blondes. Hmm. “Blonde” was in there, though. 😉

    Before I found XM (and subsequently ditched them for Pandora.com), I may have been familiar with a band’s music, but I never knew who it was, because the radio never says who it is. Even “HD Radio” often doesn’t. So. Pandora is my muse now.

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