FIFA World Cup Games 55 and 56

Look what snuck out since I was out in the garden on Sunday.

Round of 16 is finished. Only 8 more games. And two days off. Quarter-finals don’t start until Friday.

Paraguay v. Japan

The Paraguay kits look like they came from Santa’s workshop. I want red-striped socks like that.

Japan is so cute and so much fun to watch.

Is there anything more heartbreaking that losing in penalty kicks? I didn’t see the entire game but loved the 90 minutes I watched. Sorry to see you go Japan.

Portugal v. Spain

I really like both these teams and hate to see one go home early. Portugal seemed to have it together for the first half and made tons of great shots that didn’t go in. But then Spain took over. Later they substituted with dreamboat Fernando Llorente who had the misfortune of getting his shirt torn and then he had to go change it which ESPN cut away from. What the hell ESPN?

These last phases of the World Cup are so much knuckle-biting. Can’t wait to see Germany and Argentina this weekend and grow another 50 grey hairs.

Bus Accident this morning

This morning my bus got in a fender bender.

I’m too lazy to look for the cite but I’m positive that state law in OR and WA says cars must yield to the bus. Where the commuter bus gets on the freeway two lanes merge into one. Mr. Crazy-Guy seemed to think the bus should yield to him. From what I could see, he invented a 3rd lane in the middle, honked his horn for about 3 minutes and bent his side mirror.

The bus lets him go ahead and he stopped in front of bus, parked and a guy looking the lost Carradine brother jumped out and ran for the bus.

The bus driver opened the door. I thought we were all going to die. Crazy guy started yelling why didn’t the bus yield. Why did he break the mirror. Stop! No one was going to go anywhere.

The bus driver agreed, we’re stopped and he initiated his procedure. He phoned the transit people, made arrangements to get us on another bus and then passed out passenger witness cards.

All the passengers looked at each other and said: “Uh, wasn’t he trying to cut off the bus?”

Meanwhile crazy guy got out his camera out and took photos. Then came back and argued some more.

Our bus driver is cute, sorta like Kal Penn, remained completely calm the entire time. He said, “We have video cameras all over this bus, I’m not going to argue with you.”Â

Crazy guy examined the damage further and decided his side mirror wasn’t really broken and he needed to get going because, you know, “He had things to do.”

The bus driver was like, “Hard cheese pal. We’re in the process now. You can’t run off.”

Meanwhile, the passengers on the bus are seething because they’re going to be late for work. Not me, although I was also seething, it was because I was going to miss the kick off for the Paraguay v. Japan game.

The next bus arrived to pick us up and one of the passengers went over to say something to crazy guy. I almost followed with my camera.

What was he thinking? Don’t pick a fight with the bus. Even if the bus driver is wrong, which I don’t think he was this time, just take your foot off the gas. I’d love to be a fly on the wall when he finds out he’s responsible for the damage to the bus.

– – –
I’m going to be offline for about a week. When I return, more soccer updates and Clarion West Write-a-Thon Week #2 Update.

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2 Responses to FIFA World Cup Games 55 and 56

  1. marvin says:

    Ha about the bus. At least you weren’t hurt. Personally, I think buses should have free reign to flatten anything in their way. They should have cow-catchers on the front.

    I was in a bus, a long time ago, and a speeding delivery truck, a big one, passed us going in the same direction, and it took off the driver’s mirror, I don’t remember if we changed buses or not. Usually when I had to change buses, it was because it broke down.

    Enjoy your week!

  2. AEJ says:

    I like the “Ready, Set, Go” set against the backdrop of not going anywhere.

    I’m glad everyone was ok.

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