FIFA World Cup Games 53 and 54

This is the hallway between the restroom and our office. It’s always kinda awkward if someone else is coming down the hall. Do you say hello? Do you ignore them? And it’s awkward to follow or be followed. But it’s awesome for me to practice my tumbling passes like my round-off flip-flop flip-flop whip-back flip-flop double-twisting layout. You gotta be careful at that dog-leg though.

I’m taking actual leave time later this week so I don’t really want to burn through a lot of leave time watching the games. Ionly watched the first half of the Netherlands v Slovakia. I decided to watch the second half of the Brazil v. Chile game which was a bummer because they were up by 2 at the 2nd half when I started and got another goal in the 58th. No point in watching when Brazil is up 3-0. So I tried to get a bunch of work done in anticipation of Spain v. Portugal tomorrow. The other game is Paraguay and Japan and that should be good, too.

There was one point during the Netherlands game that sounded like a parody of Dutch soccer commentary. “Van Hooten to Van Spooner. Van Cucumber picks it up then to Van Harken. Passes to Van Wicket.” Where was Van Halen?

Slovakia needs a new hair-stylist. I’m all for daring hair but those mohawk things aren’t working for me.

This is me at the yoga studio. That tiger means business. No slacking. My arms are about to fall off right now from class tonight.

I didn’t phone my old webhosts today because I was hoping beyond hope that it would be taken care of magically behind the scenes. That’s on the list for tomorrow. Also I ordered an item online that I desperately need before the end of the week. I actually paid the ridiculous charges for 2-day shipping.

Never do this. This is the second time I’ve done it and the item wasn’t delivered in 2-days. It’s not like they give you your money back. I have my fingers crossed for 3-day shipping tomorrow otherwise yet another hysterical phone call I have to make.

Oh. Also, we received a check from the government for approximately half of the ginormous sum we paid for our federal taxes. Seems I missed out on a deduction we were eligible for because we earn our money from working. I’m not making that up.

I love paying less taxes as much as the next person but offering a deduction for earning money “from work” sounds spectacularly stupid. But, we’ll take it.

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2 Responses to FIFA World Cup Games 53 and 54

  1. Marvin says:

    I have never, ever heard of the IRS refunding money because you paid too much. That’s amazing. They’re usually busy telling you you paid too little, because you took a deduction that they don’t understand, so you have to call them up and explain it to them. I did this for years, as a college student, until I finally graduated and made more money.

    I do miss the 1040 EZ. Wonderful thing.

    I think you should run down the hall as fast as possible to the bathroom with your eyes clenched shut, shouting “Coming through! Coming through!” That’ll alleviate that social awkwardness when you encounter people coming the other way.

  2. AEJ says:

    Wow, a refund, without asking???? You are special, special people. Congrats!

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