FIFA World Cup Games 49 and 50

There is is. Twenty year anniversary of Concrete Blonde: Bloodletting.

I didn’t go to shows at the Palace in Hollywood a lot. I can probably tell you every show I saw there (based on my ancient memories so could be wrong): The Bangles, Mr. Big, Concrete Blonde and a benefit show for Lee Selwyn that included Concrete Blonde. I remember there was a vacant lot on the walk to the venue and there was graffiti that said: Agnes Moorehead is Dead.

Last night we were at the Roseland. I loved every minute of the show except the talkers and that loud drunk girl that’s in front of us at every show we go to. This time she whistled through her fingers every three minutes. We paid for reserved seats upstairs. It was mostly all people our age in those seats. I used to love general admission even though I’m severely height challenged but now spending a couple hours of pushing and shoving and looking at the back of other peoples’ heads is not appealing. I liked the seats.

Everyone there seemed to have some sort of mobile device that they could check every three seconds or else hold up to record? Take photos? Twenty years ago, everybody smoked. The room was full and it was a diverse crowd. A little bit of everything including tons of young people who bopped around and sang every word. It was a slavishly devoted crowd. I’m glad we went.

In other non-soccer news, guess what showed up on my credit card? Yes, a charge from my old webhosting. You remember, the one that I phoned and sent two cancelations notices to plus responded to all their repeated billing notices with heated hysteria about I canceled the account only to be reassured again and again that my account was canceled and I would not be billed?

OChosting. Tell your friends. OChosting = LAME and INCOMPETENT.

Meanwhile, their system is burping so they’ve sent me (so far) 28 notices that I’ve been billed in the last 12 hours. I dropped a love note to support and they responded by telling me that I needed to discuss this issue with billing.

OChosting – webhost loserville of the galaxy. Let’s see how long it takes to get this straightened out.

Okay soccer.

Enough with the crowd shots. I could very happily live my entire life without seeing large groups of grown-ups with flags painted on their faces.

Damn you USA for getting my hopes up. I should know better. It was a good game but it would have been better if the US had won. Ghana was relentless. They were good.

Wasn’t it weird seeing President Clinton and Mick Jagger hanging out?

The S. Korea v. Uruguay game was also pretty good. I like seeing an underdog team do well but I like Uruguay, too.

Fourteen games left plus two Timbers games this week plus Eclipse. Never a dull moment.

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2 Responses to FIFA World Cup Games 49 and 50

  1. Kira says:

    The hosting thing would make me NUTS. Please allow me to proofread your angry, angry letter, if needed.

  2. Marvin says:

    I’m so glad you had fun at your concert! Rush is doing the Moving Pictures tour again… I want to go but the wife hates Rush. She hates all my music, sadly. But she HAS gone to see Gary Numan with me not once, but twice. So I can’t complain too much.

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