Tulalip Mugs

You can blame googleblogger for my complete lack of interest in posting. Every time I think about it I get mad again.

I used to use blogging to procrastinate from doing other things. Now I do just about anything to avoid the blog.

I decided to keep my bookblog with blogger and it can be found at pamrentz3.blogspot.com.

My book reading is all backed up again and I just bought another stack. I’m not sure what my strategy is.

From the front door

I was at the Tulalip Casino and Resort last week for a work related training.

I’d been told it was a nice place but I was still surprised. Bob came with me and he visited his old college campus while I learned.

The bathroom was larger than our room at the Citizen M in Amsterdam and I’d love to link to it but the archives are still farked up.

We also got to visit with family who live in the area.

I’m not a huge gambler but I took a lap of the casino floor which was pretty hopping for a Tuesday night.

There was a machine called Kitty Glitter that I said sounded like it would be the favorite of a 12 year old girl.

Bob won $40 on that machine.

Big fluffy bed. They have a turn down service with no chocolates. What’s the point?

I played the poker machine and won enough to keep me entertained and pay for my drink before I turned in.

The hotel lobby was amazing and I failed to get a decent photo. It was crammed with art in every corner.

There was a huge area with comfy couches and chairs and the best wifi I’ve ever had at a hotel.

We’ll be back.

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  1. AEJ says:

    That hotel looks a-ma-zing. Sorry about your blogging woes. 🙁

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