Stay At Home Husband

This is at the elementary school near our house. I was trying to get the camera as high as I could. You can see the shadows of my arms

Bob started sabbatical in January and doesn’t go back to teaching until September.

I almost wrote “doesn’t go back to work” until September but it’s not like he’s sitting around the couch ordering me to bring him another sandwich.

He’s got a bunch of projects he’s working on and he’s taking classes. And he’s also way more involved in domestic contributions. My favorite is that he’s doing most of the laundry.

During the first couple of weeks while we were transitioning to the new routine, I never thought I’d make it.

He was there when I left. He was there when I got home. He spent most of the day without a lot of contact with other people. The minute I hit the door he wanted to tell me all! about! his! day!

We had a couple of major shouting matches where I said I need to put down my purse and change into my sweatpants and enjoy 15 minutes of peace and quiet when I get home from work. And he would be all defensive about just wanting to connect with me when I got home.

Now that we’re settled in, I like having him on sabbatical. He’s way more relaxed and doing all kinds of things that feed his hungry mind. Last week he went to MacWorld in San Francisco for a few days. Normally I look forward to a few days with the house to myself but not this time.

I always give Bob a hard time because he has no concept of how much I eat. Whenever he makes my plate I say: think of how much you think I would eat and then cut it in half. And he still hands me plates mounded with pasta or giant blobs of meat and sauce. Most of the time I insist on fixing my own plate.

I guess I have no concept about how much I eat either because I had all these menu plans. I thawed out some tomato soup that I made last summer. And I had a few potatoes and leeks that were in their last days so I made a pot of potato leek soup. And I a few other plans but it took me the entire time to finish the potato leek soup.

This morning we divided into A and B Teams and worked on trip planning. He did trains. I did accommodations. I’m finally feeling like we’re really going somewhere.

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2 Responses to Stay At Home Husband

  1. kmari03 says:

    Awwwww…Pam + Bob Forever

    Also, I have wilt-y leek I meant to use for a recipe but then didn't. Do you think I can make soup out of just one leek? I hesitate to buy another and let it wilt too.

    oh! oh! and verification word is gbobje!

  2. Kim says:

    I'm catching up on your life after long absence. This is a big development in your life. Glad you're working it out and enjoying the pleasures of someone doing the laundry.

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