Come Sail Away

This is part two to the photo I posted here. I don’t love boats. There are times when I will get on a boat without drama but generally I’d rather just not get on a boat. We have a whole series of photos of me on boats doing my boatface which I will have to post someday. Boatface is an uphappy face.

My father grew-up in a huge port city and he does love boats. And his family. I don’t think we ever did anything in our visits to Hamburg that didn’t include a harbor cruise, a ferry trip, a river taxi or whathaveyouonaboat.

The photo above is from a ferry we took to an island called Föhr. It was windy and cold and August. We went to visit my cousin who was at a summer camp. My note on the back of the photo says: “Notice the windswept seas.”

Here’s a quote from the travel journal [as in original]:

There was a nice beach and lots of little beach seats. Unfortunatly it was very, very cold with and icey wind blowing. We had a nice lunch and we walked around through the shops. This island is like Denmark – kinda. There are windmills and some of the roofs of the houses are thatched with this straw stuff.
The ferry journey home was very rough and it rained all afternoon.

I uploaded a bunch of photos earlier this week thinking I’d have them when I posted and then I never had enough time to post them all.

Here’s my other main story:

I started my personal webpage in 1996. Back in those days you got a website from your Internet provider. My url was: And you had to learn some basic HTML and FTP your files where you were instructed to.

You can see early versions on

Try this.

I started with blogger in 2001 and got my own domain in there somewhere.

A couple weeks ago I got a message from blogger that they weren’t supporting FTP any more.

I spent at least half a day thinking: “I didn’t even know there were other choices.”

I re-read the stuff a million times and I think I get it know and I did some homework and I think what’s going to happen is that I’m going to find a new host and change platforms. I’m not asking for technical advice, I’m covered.

This is something I’ve thought about for the past several years but to paraphrase Kenman I never wanted to spend a day-and-a-half staring at my computer and saying, “Shit.”

I might possibly get to it this weekend although I have a chore stack that I intend to tackle. I get Monday off and I think I’m going to make it a not writing day and prioritize all these other things that I’ve been putting off.

So, if you try to find my site and it’s a hopeless mess. That’s what’s going on.

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