Hurry, Hurry, Here Comes My Stop

This guy showed up on Monday but I got home too late to take a photo and yesterday it was raining sideways. The first daffodil is always my favorite.

There are two buses I can take between the park-n-ride to downtown Portland.

One is direct and one stops in downtown Vancouver before it goes over the river.

In the morning I almost always take the longer ride. It’s always less crowded and because of the schedule arrives in Portland only a few minutes after the non-stop bus.

In the afternoon, I usually take the non-stop bus. Also because of the schedule.

However, I’ve learned to take whichever bus shows up first. No matter what. Because there have been too many times that I thought the next bus would arrive any minute and it did not.

I’ve never been here but I love the front. Barfly makes it sound good, if I were 20 years younger.

Yesterday, my regular bus was late. In fact, for 15 minutes not one single bus stopped at my stop. Even the Portland buses that come every few minutes. I thought we were part of some sort-of experiment in human behavior. I was ready to start lighting things on fire.

Also it was raining sideways.

My bus showed up 20 minutes late. The bus is supposed to run every 15 minutes during rush hour.

It was completely packed to the rafters. I said, “Fork it, I’m not getting on this bus.”

And the next bus came 30 seconds later. It only had 5 people on it.

When the door opened I said, “I KNEW IT!”

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