Did you know there is such a thing as irregular jelly beans? And that you can buy them for a screaming discount? Me either. Until my husband surprised me earlier this week.

Welcome Back and Let’s Light Your Hair On Fire

What a crazy week. Actually it wasn’t really crazy just much busier than I was prepared for and toss in just enough of a head-cold to make sleeping difficult and you’ve got a week that pretty much wiped out all the rest and relaxation that I’d stockpiled from December. The headcold thing wasn’t too nasty as far as winter colds go although I have an awesome nose-callus now.

Last night I got into bed at 8:30 to read and after spending 5 minutes reading the same sentence I put the book away and turned out the light and passed out immediately. Bob said he could tell I was really tired because I left his iPod and book sitting on the bed and normally I move all that stuff before I go to sleep. I slept like the dead and feel human again today.

We saw Christopher Hitchens on Tuesday night. Here’s Bob’s review. I didn’t know much about him before the lecture and he’s my new hero. I’m tempted to say I’m going to run out and read his latest book. But I’m about five years backlogged on reading. My goal for 2010 is to add fewer books than I read. (Ha! Wish me luck.)

Remember my problem with my plane ticket? Part I, Part II. So where we last left it was the airline said not to worry about it.

I haven’t been able to get our seat assignments online so I called the Airline and figured while I had them on the phone maybe I should clarify the name on the ticket problem seeing as how there was a security issue last month. [Long rant about this omitted.]

After being transferred around a few times I get a very nice man who is confident that this is a ginormous problem. I told him the airline had said there was no problem. And he said, sure, the airline doesn’t care. But TSA cares. He said that people who showed up with tickets where there wasn’t a space between their first and middle names were having problems. [At least people on the actual no fly list are getting through — See omitted long rant above.]

What do I do?

Well, you can cancel your ticket and buy a new one.

And kiss my screaming good deal good-bye.

Or I can ask them to reissue the ticket and pay a fee.

I’m going on the trip. I need ticket. So I guess I’ll suck up. I made a mistake. I’ll pay $75 to fix it.

$250. He says it’s $250 dollars to reissue the ticket.

Would you think poorly of me if I said that I practically cried?

He transferred me over to yet another person who was happy to help me with my problem. She was super nice and sane sounding like the person who lives next door and has no problem bringing in your garbage can when you’re on vacation.

And after all that she didn’t charge me. Whew! I would have hugged her and cleaned her bathrooms if that was an option. Also I can’t call them LameAss Airlines any more.

So airline ticket fixed. Seat assignments procured. The plane tickets are to Amsterdam but the bulk of the trip is visiting family in Germany. Previous trips: 1997, 2000, 40th bday 03 and xmas 2004.

Also the guys came back and took another run at the leaking problem and that seems to be fixed.

So mood at the moment: cautious optimism.

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3 Responses to Irregular

  1. kmari03 says:

    I'm so glad that finally got fixed. I, like you, could see where it was heading…to problems and headaches and Bob by himself in Amsterdam having had to walk away from the screaming lady in the airport in order not to be arrested himself.

    But anyways, glad it worked out. 🙂

    Lorelai, my word is fousteye!

  2. Lorelei says:

    Good grief, what a week!! I'm glad you got to sleep some at least. I don't know how you sweet-talked them out of that fee, but you did good.

    K – mine's heddow! 🙂

  3. angelwd says:

    Amsterdam! Oh take me with you, and I will buy you a ton of Jelly bellyflops. Or however many they let us take on the plane.

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