Date: Fri, 18 Aug 2000 09:30:02 -0700 (PDT)
From: Pamela Rentz
Subject: This dang funkz kezboard

Who is this bunny guy?

I'm not going to try too hard to adapt to this kezboard. The z and y are reversed-- figure it out. A bunch of other stuff is moved around too.

I onlz have 15 minutes so I'll make this fast. Either Steve and D or Joan need to call Priscilla and tell her that Bob left the blueberries in the backseat of his car. (Long unkind rant omitted) Perhaps she can run bz and remedz the situation.

(expletive) this kezboard is driving me nuts. There are random kezs where the return kez is so I kept pressing # when I want to return.

Okaz -- (who moved the -- waz down here and where is the question mark) We made it to Berlin this morning and we've had a long nap and a decent meal and are getting acclimated.

I had blocked out a lot of the more unpleasant aspects of Int'l travel like the extreme uncomfortabilitz of the seats. We were sitting behind the people from hell on the trip over. I referred to them as the ADD familz. The mom was worthless and the Dad and two utterlz charmless children sat in the 3 seats in front of us and bounced around the entire 7.5 hours. The Dad was basicallz crushing Bobs legs because all three of them insisted on putting their seats back so thez were sitting in our laps.

Just got the 5 minute warning. Gotta hurrz.

This toy car is a real Mercedes

To make a long complaint about those people short, when Bob asked him to stop bouncing on his legs, the guz was kind enough to find him a different place to sit. What a guz. They were also loud. The most astonishing thing was that thez were not American but Swiss. (I know this is no surprise to BB).

Okaz, I have to flz because between the kookz time delaz and this kezboard I am about to put someone's ezes out.

We are having a great time, more info on adventures later.


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