She Can Do The Splits

I took this photo for Keetha’s benefit. Our traditional Christmas morning breakfast: huevos rancheros. This recipe looks close to how we do it. And by we, I mean my sister and Mom.

Yesterday I couldn’t find some notes. I was positive I knew where they were so I kept checking the same place over and over even though they weren’t there.

In the process I found a folder with ancient old journal stuff. Part is a travel journal from I think Fall 1979. The other is stuff from the 80’s. Some of it is hilarious and some so pitiful I can’t believe I never burned it.

There may be excerpts coming up.

I was reading the obituaries in my historical society magazine the other night. They’re really sweet. They always have a photo of the person young and then the person old. They’re always well loved people with interesting lives.

One of them was for this lady who died in her late nineties. In the first paragraph it said that she had lettered in basketball and had participated in gymnastics and could do the splits.

I ran to find Bob and said: Please put that in my obituary. “She could do the splits!”

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5 Responses to She Can Do The Splits

  1. kmari03 says:

    Mmmm. I love Christmas breakfast. We have this awesome egg casserole and mimosas. Last year, my brother drank all the champagne. So we just got extra this year. Plus there are always christmas cookies.

  2. Shane says:

    Can you actually do the splits, though?

  3. Camellia says:

    These look wonderful for breakfast. We had baked brie and soysage balls. Yum. I could never do the splits, but I could walk on these awesome stilts. And slalom on water skis.

  4. Keetha says:

    Coffee was our Christmas breakfast. Yours looks very festive.

    Merry Christmas!

  5. Kim says:

    Yes, that will sound much better than she could do Hanumanasana.

    I love a good obit filled with these little details that make up a life.

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