The One Where I Wasn’t My Best

Well, this wasn’t the best weekend of my life but not the worst either. I managed to get my act together today and took care of some business and did a bit of writing.

Yesterday I noticed some sunshine and I thought it would be smart to get my butt outside and rake but, of course, I found something better to do. That, naturally, involved sitting on the couch.

Today I figured I’d get out there for at least an hour but it was gray, drippy and 48 degrees. I made a pot of soup and roasted some beets instead.

I’ve got another busy week. Tomorrow is my long day and I don’t get home until almost 8pm.

Tuesday I’ve got a regular work day and then leaving at the end of the day for work travel and won’t be home until late Thursday night.

Then Friday I have the vampire movie.

I’ve been preoccupied with other things and I sorta forgot about the vampire movie. Especially since I thought the last one was so mediocre. I hadn’t planned my whole life around seeing it the first day until I saw the schedule.

Back when I was all excited about seeing Jedi movies and Hobbit movies, I wished they had early morning showings. I can’t stay up until midnight to watch a movie but I could get up early.

I could see the vampire movie at 6:01am. (If I go at that hour it’s six-oh-one I want.)

I really don’t feel that strongly about the movie but I sort-of want to just because I can. And my two strongest reasons for not going would be because I’m getting home late Thursday night and because what kind of dork goes to see the vampire movie at 6:01am?

But I’d really like to see what kind of dorks go to a movie at 6:01am. Plus I could put it on my dork resume next to: naming my laptop after a vampire, (this was my first laptop and it was named Lestat) going to science fiction camp, and dressing up as Nefertiti for Halloween after I read The Egypt Game back in the 70’s.

We’ll see how I feel on Thursday night.

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4 Responses to The One Where I Wasn’t My Best

  1. kmari03 says:

    You dressed up as Nefertiti after you read Egypt Game???? I love that book! Also, The Headless Cupid is quite good.

    Wooooot vampire movie. I think I might go to a midnight show after the circus. Not after the circus of fans. they'll still be there. after the actual circus i'm going to on thursday night. 🙂

  2. Lorelei says:

    Watch out for the crazies at the theater — and I don't mean the movie-goers. I've heard there's been a lot of violence aimed at the vampire nerds. I think I'll wait for it to come out on Netflix.

  3. angelfeet says:

    I love the idea of a 6:01am showing. So exciting. It would be like getting up early for a trip away, but without the packing.

  4. Angela Williams Duea says:

    I couldn't get past the sentence where you roasted beets (and then, presumably, ate them). Blech.

    angelawd: the writer gets the last word

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