Is There Something On My Face?

A few years ago I used to get skin treatments at this day spa across town.

They sold some special line of make-up which I managed to avoid for awhile. I thought make-up was cool when I was young but I don’t really have the kind of face that’s improved by intense applications of spackle.

I needed some new foundation and I never know how to pick a color so I asked for some help. I specifically didn’t want a powder-based product and I really meant it which is why I left with a powder-based product. But you see, this wasn’t your ordinary powder-based product. This could be used together with a yummy smelling water-mist spray that you gently applied after you powdered your face and this would “set” your foundation.

Even now it’s hard to believe I went for it. I make fun of other people who buy stupid things because some retail genius convinced them they needed it. Yet there I was, paying an absurd amount of money for scented water in a spray.

The thing is, I became addicted to it. I loved that refreshing spray. I quit going to the spa for many reasons but mostly because I got tired of organizing an entire day around driving across town so I could sit in a chair and “relax” for two hours. I found a company with a similar product but I quit buying stuff from them, too. (Long story omitted.) A couple weeks ago I used the last of my magical mist.

Last time I was in Target I went through the beauty supplies because I figured every company must now sell lightly scented water in a spray bottle for your face. That’s free money. Why wouldn’t you? Couldn’t find any.

So there’s a marketing idea for someone who has the initiative to make products.

Meanwhile, the point of this post that I’ve been leading up to is that I want my job to be naming skin products. There was an entire wall of products and they all have names like: “anti-aging replumpifier with toning beads,” “rejuvenating line eraser with relaxing agents. And aloe” and “super oxidizing radon scrub with cinnamon enhanced century diminishing injectors.”

I don’t know what half that stuff means but it sounded really good. I wanted to try them all.

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One Response to Is There Something On My Face?

  1. Lorelei says:

    Don't beat yourself up for falling victim to a hard-sell (even if it wasn't that hard).

    I want to name gum. You name the beauty products, and I'll name the gum. I'm chewing a piece of "Rain" right now.

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