Stand in the Place Where You Live

This morning I watched this woman take every single piece of salmon out of the display at Trader Joe’s. She was a customer. She had to lean down and reach back with her entire arm to get them all out. And she studied them side-by-side. Then she shoved some back into the display and left others sitting in the refrigerator case below with her empty cup of tea. She didn’t buy one.

I really wanted to make some churlish passive-aggressive remark except that she looked like one of those women who has had so much therapy she’s self-actualized to the point of psychosis. She probably went home and wrote in her journal about how empowering it was for her to examine every piece of salmon and not settle for a piece that didn’t have special meaning for her.

Today was a classic two steps forward three steps back. Which seems to be the theme of everything lately.

I’ve been wanting to get another shelving unit for the shop. The shop is an extra outer room at our house that isn’t garage but is unfinished. It’s where the lawn mower, bicycles, camping equipment, garden stuff and oodles of junk live.

I found a shelving unit at Freddie’s and I’m pretty sure that’s where I got the last one so after much indecision I decided to buy it. Then I took all these “before” pictures of the shop because wasn’t it going to make a fantastic post, showing how I transformed our shop from a wretched hive of scum and villainy to an amazingly organized rainbow-filled magicland?

Except I couldn’t get the *&^%$#$@#$%^&* thing together. Assembles in 30 minutes my fat ass. Plus there were parts missing. I’m not a person who returns things. I know I just returned something to Ann Taylor and I almost talked myself out of that one, too. Except I spent a lot of money on those pants and it seemed unlikely that I could lose a half pants size while going into the holidays. Ever since it turned cold last week all I can think about is Tater Tots and melted cheese.

But I didn’t want those shelves in my house. I disassembled the three pieces I’d managed to get to hold together and threw all 57 pieces of shelving back in the box. Taped the box shut and I am returning that thing. I should have returned it today except my method of dealing with my frustration was to have a Pumpkin Ale and a handful of Halloween candy. Then I took a nap.

It wasn’t a wonderful day. Plus while at the same Freddies, I bought a “warm” save-the-planet light bulb to replace the space ship light bulb that’s out in the garage. I got my step ladder out and put the new one in and trembled a little as I flicked the switch. It stuttered a moment and went dead. That was the new light bulb. Normally I would have thrown it away and not bothered but since I’m returning those shelves, I want a new light bulb. Fancy Hwy 14 Fred Meyer: you have really let me down.

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3 Responses to Stand in the Place Where You Live

  1. Lorelei says:

    Pumpkin ale? That sounds interesting. Good luck with all your returns!

  2. kmari03 says:

    Pam, I love you for blogging. Everyone's life is like this but most people pretend these days never happen.

  3. Camellia says:

    I've been distracted. I haven't been here. Keetha sent me the fish woman segment. I know that woman. She was my best friend for years and years, before and after therapy. She also was pretty proud that since they didn't have the salmon she wanted, she just couldn't deal with it, due to recovered repressed memories, so she just left it there, thank you m'am. No, I didn't know the fish woman, but knew a fish woman figure.

    But I had to read down to find this. I am so glad I did. I didn't know how much i was missing you.

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