Dull Post of the Day

I have a list here of things to write about but nothing sounds very interesting.

On Tuesday I stepped off the bus and there was some mighty cold air blowing through my slacks. I guess snow level is down to 2000 feet or something. The TV kept showing pictures of snow up at Government Camp. Yesterday I dug out the giant coat and put on my heavy wool socks, wool pants and wool sweater and tromped off to work all cozy and pleased with myself. When my elevator arrived a woman got off wearing a linen sleeveless dress with pockets, a 3/4 sleeve sweater and high heels.

I almost have the Ann Taylor business off my list. I still don’t love her but we’re speaking again. I had this gift card I needed to finish up and I was striking out at the stores downtown so I decided to buy a pair of pants online. $12 for turtle-speed shipping (2 weeks) for a package that said it weighed zero. I know there are companies whose entire business plans rely on making money off of “shipping and handling” but I haven’t found to be true for stores like this. So I was already tweaked and then the pants arrived in a size that I have at least a half dozen of in my closet and I put these on: too small. I took them to the downtown store where someone actually helped me find something but I still have a credit because it’s also cheaper to buy stuff in an actual store.

I’m thinking of trying one of those crazy casseroles with melted cheese and bacon and Tater Tots. Mostly because it would be easy and Bob would like it. I’m into large one-pot meals at the moment.

Does anyone really make voting decisions based on automated phonecalls? “This recorded voice tells me that Delphina McToaster is a registered nurse in favor of Proposition 762. I guess I am, too.” Does anyone even listen to them?

I forgot to tell this story about our visit with the elder last week. You know how you kinda treat elders like children sometimes? Bari and I had never used the recording equipment before so we were figuring it out as we went along. It all went well except at the end we couldn’t get the camera off the tripod. Bud asked to look at it so I handed it over to humor him and about 4 seconds later he popped the camera off and handed it to me. I should have given it to him first.

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  1. Lorelei says:

    Make sure to serve that casserole with a healthy portion of sour cream.

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